Suffering Silence

Because of these.
No, these…
that declared war on my native tongue.

I’ve been suffering the insufferable,

Silenced of words to scream out that which submerge
for life savers to be thrown at my pleas.
Not knowing what to say has swallowed my delight.
All that remains is a bloated ill-figured shape.

To converse with the sensible is beyond exhaustion.
I’m a child again trying to talk in “big people’s business”,
stuck in between sentences with stuttering importance.

Gone mute now, a Carthusian monk’s vow is my tongue
I’m but a beggar for a point of view
some kind of vision that will help me escape
this state, where even grunting seems useless…

8 thoughts on “Suffering Silence

  1. i have to agree with brad on that one.

    and personally i find that silence is great help, and i am very happy when it attacks me. yes it is so in the beginning but when i can relax into it, well, there are no higher blissful times than that, and no better productive days that follows this silence.


    Thank you UF.


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