Gypsy Sting

Nothing makes you ready for failure
not even a parachute you prepared
all the trial runs of how it would turn out
doesn’t really get you ready for the shock
of your body slamming against the concrete
your heart beating broken again and again
but all you have left is your intuition for
for when the even breaks, when the downpour
swallows you whole, and you think you’re drowning.

5 thoughts on “Gypsy Sting

  1. strong.
    i read it as one of your strongest messages.
    nothing can make as ready.
    and not only that
    mostly, even thinking that we are starting
    to climb back to our feet
    prove yet another parachute with hole in it.


  2. it’s amazing that no matter how many times we practice and prepare, there can be no real preparation. there was a guy who slept in a coffin every night to prepare for his own death. did it work? haven’t heard.


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