A Friend I Wanted to Know

Even as I post a shitty poem, you were still there to support me. I wondered why you cared so much, but I realized it was your love of words that made you so apt to the nonsensical. I miss you Paul. I miss your fantabulous way of expressing the mundane, making it seem electric and so vivid. I miss your counsel, and your rebelliousness. Paul, you left too soon because there is so much to still learn from you.

5 thoughts on “A Friend I Wanted to Know

  1. hi, cocoyea. this really sucks. it’s really, really hard writing about paul, especially considering that was all we really did together was write, to each other, for each other. yr not alone.

    Hey Jason, I’m still in shock, can’t believe it. I keep thinking he’s going to post something, when I know he’s gone. It’s so sad. I am going to miss him.


  2. oh i came by earlier to say hello and read yr post. i was speechless. it is shocking. he had such a strong blog presence and was exactly as you say….we are going to miss him terribly…

    It’s so sad.


  3. once a long time ago, he sent me an email, telling me about the wonderful top notch people who were his friends, and sending links so i could go see their work. you, were at the top on the list. he just loved you, and your music and writing.

    I’m honored that he thought of me that way.


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