₣7 Across, and 18 Down

Got, swallowing spurious crossword-puzzle
chucks of spotlights to choke on.
A golden casket, yawning
prominence, port of then rides!
Tripping channels like waves, your
servings: words gullible full
say and not say, drowning in
in a wild sizzle that burst.
Got, conjuring certainty
with prays on Fridays, drinking
on credit, flicking a lung
aside a curtain, Always
hustles for platinum chains:
a diamond in a watch tells
time better, chicken wings and
chicken things, quick wicker sight
cruising down Broadway, Park Place
a Lexus teething gold rims.

4 thoughts on “₣7 Across, and 18 Down

  1. That is sensationally wonderful, Cocoyea. “conjuring certainty with prays on Fridays,” There is so many half rhymes and cross connections through the poem, it’s a convolution.

    Thanks, I actually stuck to a rule, 7 syllables 18 lines. It was fun.


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